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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
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language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
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Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 2006 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

I've suddenly gotten embroiled in a medical malpractice suit with a formerly homeless friend. His arm required two operations, due to a dirty needle when he was still using. The first operation was just over a year ago. But the last operation, the surgeon "accidentally" sliced an artery, said nothing about that, and sewed him up. Well, Jonny had a lump grow under the wound two nights later, he pushed it out,and out came what looked like a long, fat, bright red worm. It was a BLOOD CLOT...and blood started spurting from his arm. And as it also turns out, Jonny has become (over the process of four years) my very dearest of friends, and Platonic lover. So I'm in a rage. Begging anyone who reads this, to call and/or e-mail S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom. Tell them to listen to me, Zeke Krahlin, not hang up or ignore him. Please read on, to learn why I'm posting this appeal everywhere. As a counterculture type, I've remained unknown to the public at large, regardless of my many years devotion to gay and street activism. So it comes as a difficult challenge, to get the mayor's office, the gay media, and even the mainstream media, to listen to my desperate appeal that really needs answering NOW, not waiting till some "next" meeting a week or two down the line. For by that time, JONNY MIGHT BE DEAD, or lose his arm. I tell them to visit my website [ ] since it also serves quite well for my online portfolio. Therein is all the evidence and history of my activism, and many of my good works. I also realize that Goddess for whatever reason, has chosen me to become a powerful shaman. And that the path of a shaman includes a whole bunch of years where you are ignored, vilified, humiliated, and otherwise treated like a loser, a nobody. But as a maturing spirit, I accept this situation--as I now do all difficult situations--as a CHALLENGE to overcome this terrible obstacle. And one way to do this, is COMPOSE THIS MESSAGE, and distribute throughout the Internet. This is an EMERGENCY, and I want AT LEAST, leaders in this Bay Area to WITNESS how medical abuse KILLS people, and/or at least DEBILITATES their lives by INTENTIONALLY SETTING THEM UP to become HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE to horrid viruses and bacterium such as the FLESH EATING VIRUS and its less rabid twin CELLULITIS, which the doctor said his arm may develop into having a case of. MAY develop? Is this a psychological preparation for my Jonny to ACCEPT this "cellulitis" which then will lead to getting him to ACCEPT the loss of a limb. Yeah, right. This is nothing less than Nazi butchery. I waited at home for TWO HOURS to see if the mayor's office would get back to me, like they said...but nope, they did not. Even though I made sure THEY KNOW that Jonny is a great guy who does a lot of good...was a homeless heroin addict until recently (thanks in part to my constant friendship; often from a distance to avoid codependency). I had to step out for coffee and unwind. When I got home a few hours later, STILL NO PHONE CALL from ANY media outlet I called, as well as the Mayor's office. Here's the list of places I did call. Responses were varied, but all were NOT really interested in even directing me to a useful resource...such as a reporter who MIGHT see this as a big scoop. No, it's all just pure, unadulterated HATRED against homosexuals ("Why won't they go away?" "THEY'RE the reason the world's such a mess!"), and against ANYONE ELSE who is destitute, and not playing the power elite game by kissing its ass 24/7. Now, no one in authority has yet to show some recognition towards Jonny's good spirit. And I can only have faith in my angels, that Jonny's arm will heal WITHOUT depending up any doctor, hospital, authority, or so-called "outreach" services. For the EMERGENCY has to do with an actively clotting ARTERY...the OTHER long term issues around this, I can deal with fine...but Jonny is NOT OUT OF THE WOODS yet, AFAICT; and as someone who walks the Path of Joy as best he can, I really don't think I'm obsessing over a worst-case scenario, but TRULY ANSWERING TO MY CONSCIENCE. And I believe this particular situation is a prime example of the difference between true love and ethical responsibility that many would nihilistically regard as full-blown codependency. And this is indeed a large bone I have to pick with the 12-step community: I believe the tenet of avoiding codependency is WAY TOO OFTEN used as an excuse to shun your brother when he is lost and suffering. It's a cleverly VICIOUS way of wrecking real friendships and more intimate, joyful relations...probably out of jealousy. When the 12-step process turns into one where it's not USED for a game of one-upsmanship, then maybe I'll find new respect in that community, and less revulsion. Meanwhile, I'll continue my OWN methodology withOUT 12-step and Alanon dogma...performing my highly successful healings MINUS all that pathetic drivel. If Jonny's going to lose an arm or (goddess forbid) DIE, I want it IN THEIR FACES NOW. Don't let them sweep this under the carpet! If our leaders can't display this simple request of compassion...that would only serve to be a feather in THEIR cap, as well--then we must EACH assume SOME responsibility in resolving this to a favorable outcome for Jonny. Whose victory shall also lead the way towards liberating others who are/were homeless and addicted with NO real outreach from those who are SUPPOSED to serve the public, ESPECIALLY AND ABOVE ALL, in life-threatening situations for ANY of our residents. INCLUDING those without a roof over their heads, those who are NOT heterosexual, and those who DARE to be creative. It's Inquisition II! It's the witch hunts all over again! It's worldwide Nazi Dominion! It's all that rolled up into one, and much, much more! Starring guess who? The Governator! So THIS is what I'm occupied with these days. Put out the word re. Jonny and others like him who are victims of medical abuse, neglect, experimentation, and torture. It's happening again...but no one cares, at City Hall. In fact, they are PARTICIPATING in it...the corruption's THAT complete. I wanted the Mayor to shake Jonny's hand, to thank him for making the streets of Gay Mecca safer for sexual minorities...and for helping SO MANY homeless get their acts together. Now, just when Jonny is on an even keel, respecting every thing i suggest for his betterment...along comes this tragic medical nightmare. Jonny is the reason why the Recycling Center front of Safeway on Market & Dolores Streets, is now very clean, organized, without any bad odors...and all the workers are better organized and no one acts rude, mean or violent. Jonny is the reason why the streets in The Castro are (relatively) safer...for he numbers among a handful of decent people who work among the homeless to improve their quality of life and thus that of the neighborhood. Jonny watches over all his friends, include those who, like myself, are gay. While there are indeed nasty curs out there on the streets, there are also a handful of great guys and gals...and Jonny is definitely one of them. Jonny ALSO shows much promise as a talented computer programmer and/or hacker...just for those in cyberspace who admire such talent, as I do. He is already building working PCs by cobbling together discarded parts so available to him via recycled garbage. And this, before he even has taken his first class...which he is soon scheduled for; that is: his first semester at community college for computer science. I wanted the Mayor to PERSONALLY assign to Jonny the BEST attorney possible to fight the Nazi injustice going down at S.F. General. Jonny may NEVER see a doctor again, even if *I have to do operate on him myself. I wanted the Mayor to OFFER Jonny a position of influence where he can CONTINUE to help others less fortunate...and do it even BETTER with our city's resources backing him up. But what I wanted, probably won't happen, I now realize. This MUST be a grassroots inspired movement. Hence, this appeal. I know NUMEROUS OTHER homeless people (many of whom I DESPISE because of their stubborn clinging on to their bible-brainwashed homophobia), who've been NEEDLESSLY SCARRED by surgeons at S.F. General, simply to REMIND THEM that they are NOT part of the wealthy classes who have the money to buy premium health care. To remind them they are less than human, in their eyes. HOW TO REACH THE OFFICE OF MAYOR NEWSOM: Telephone: (415) 554-6141 TDD: (415) 252-3107 Fax: (415) 554-6160 Email: Gavin Newsom FOR EXTRA GOLD STARS (from Gaia), CONTACT MEDIA OUTLETS IN AND AROUND SAN FRANCISCO, INCLUDING: Email: Bay Area Reporter (LGBT media) Email: SF Bay Times (LGBT media) Email: SF Bay Guardian Email: SF Chronicle Email: SF Examiner Email: Street Sheet Email: SF Weekly Email: East Bay Express KGO NEWS (ABC ch. 7) Contact page: Main phone: (415) 954-7777 News Fax: (415) 956-6402 KRON NEWS (ch. 4) Submit news tips: Breaking news: (415) 561-8000 And since I'm on a roll, let me be sure that everyone's consciousness is raised to realize that a major reason for these cruel prejudices is ANTI-GAY DOGMA. For in so giving a GODLY seal of approval towards terrorizing homosexuals, it then keeps the door open towards persecuting any OTHER minority group, as well as keep females relegated to sex workers, house slaves, and breeding factories. For condemnation of same-sex love perpetrates male violence, and is the cause of MANY if not MOST of our wars. It seems to me that the lack of concern and/or outright hostility I've received not just from the mayor's office, but from the gay and mainstream local news media, reveals a horrid reality staring us in the face. No, this is way scary, though true: For what this tells me (being God's Little Litmus Test For Our Queer Community, that I am), is that even our LEADERS of the San Francisco Bay Area--including all the lower tiers of power in this WASP hierarchy--are just as ready as anyone ELSE in these sorry so-called "united" states, to terrorize, root out, round up, torture, and MURDER everyone they see, know of, or hear about, that seems to be homosexual or some OTHER non-hetero persuasion. For in so brain washing ALL people against queers, almost EVERY non-gay minority still harbors ENORMOUS hatred and wishes for violence and death of gay people. And that is the open door common to each, through which our Capitalist Masters maintain their (seemingly) Indivisible Hegemony. My Goddess Athena (of whom I number among Her most DEVOTED servants) has handed me a sword in lieu of an olive branch. Most sincerely, Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin April 9, 2005 ---finis