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Kingsix: All Articles

Here are all articles posted by Kingsix, under the only three e-mail addresses he used, that I am aware of. His contributions span from May 1997 to November 1999. Though he was active for just a short time, he was intense, insightful, and provocative. His ideas are worthy to consider and keep on permanent archive. I sure wish he'd resume his remarkable Usenet posts!

As "": May-October 1997
As "": August-November 1998
As "": November 1997-December 1998
As "": January-December 1999

(No Usenet participation from 2000-2004)

As "": January-December 2005
As "": January-December 2006
As "": January-December 2007

Kingsix: Selected Articles

Below are my very favorite articles by Kingsix. Clicking on a link will open the entire thread of an article, where you may then read comments by others, as well as Kingsix's rebuttals (if any).

May 31, 1997 - soc.motss: Seceeding from the het empire
June 9, 1997 - soc.motss: Why hets and their bi hirelings rule the world
January 1, 1998 - alt.politics.homosexuality: Gay separatist manifesto
July 26, 1998 - soc.motss: Of the political will to be and remain gay
August 10, 1998 - alt.politics.homosexuality: Antidote to hetro ideological poisoning
August 14, 1998 - alt.politics.homosexuality: Were ex-gays previously and actually gays ?
Oct. 15-Nov. 1, 1998 - alt.politics.micronations: Gay Parallel Republic