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This is what takes up the space between my 2nd worktable, and the window. (I actually have a 2nd window which you shall soon see, but for now, let's call this the window.) What you are looking at (from top left, and going clockwise), are: microwave, super-size Black&Decker toaster oven (does serious baking, roasting, broiling etc....though since the cheap hinges broke, I use a coupla thin books to prop the oven to tilt a bit backwards so door won't flop open during a cook), shelves for keepin my tea stuff and waffle iron. (I've since removed the waffle iron, replaced by cheap blender and plastic rice steamer. Can you believe they actually make electric cookware now, with plastic parts? This is going to be a major mark of the generation gap between baby boomers and young folk...who will never remember all-metal appliances; and who keep putting plastic containers in electrical/gas ovens, and metal ones into microwaves; with unfortuante results of course!) Below the shelves right next to the curtain, is a black metal file cabinet, used to store my spices, baggies, saran wrap, aluminum foil, and some dried goods. Last but not least: my best friend the television (though he's been seeing other guys lately, and showing a lot more evangelistic I'm suspicious).