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The second worktable features my computer system, and is where I usually sit, when sitting in my room. Notice the colorful keyboard, which I purchased for just $5 at Thrift Town. Draped over the (collectible "Populux" kitchen) chair, is my green bomber jacket...guilt gift given by "friend" Don, three Xmases ago. The faux-fur collar has since been removed, due to missing button (I hate sewing), and the cuffs are getting frayed. Don't think it'll last to this year's Xmas. That flag you see, is a gift from Lucky...otherwise I'd never put the Ameikan flag in my fact, I plan to cover it with an attractive bandana, shortly. Below flag is the foot-end of my bed (covered with pink/white yarn comforter, which is a very lovely item not for your heart out, e-Bay junkies).