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To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Polyonymous
Date: May 24, 2001

I used to post in The New York Daily News Opinion forum but I have taken
time for a couple of weeks due to constant barage of EXTREME homophobic
rants in answer to my postings where I tried to enlighten them to the
orgins of antihomosexual sentiment in Western/Christian-Judaeo

I also quoted scientific data from Bruce Bagemihl's book, "Biological
Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity," in an effort to
show that homosexuality is far from being "against nature" and, therefore,
must have some genetic origin, as well as, some biological function
otherwise it would have been bred out long ago. I was the only pro-gay
poster. Very few gay-friendly posts appeared.

Then I discovered Dr. Truluck's web site,, Recovering from
Bible Abuse. WOW! You should visit this site! It is great. Recently, Dr.
Truluck and I have been emailing each other. He's an inspiration for me.
Check it out.

Anyway, do you think you and some of your militant gay buddies would visit
The Daily News Opinion Forum and take a few pot shots at the followng
homophobes that post there, SallySafe, Kiel, Spiteful, Tony C, and
espcially one, Big Nasty. We should attack this homophobic goon squad with
incessant waves of counter attacks. Like your web site. I'll check it out
in detail during the weekend.

See ya. Polyonymous   

---the end