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Pamela Heterophobe

To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Pamela (Heterophobe) 
Date: July 4, 2002
Location: Heterophobia
Home_Page: God hates heterosexuals
Subject: Heterosexual Terrorism and Heterosexual Dictatorship

As the civilized world is waging a war against terrorism, a war against
heterosexual terrorism must also be  waged to eliminate all those hetero
terrorists and hetero bandits from this world.

Willy Thomason (one of the posters - april 15, 2002) is an  example ot this
heterosexual terrorism. He has  confirmed the terrorist nature and
mentality of heterosexual people. He and people like him must be  condemned
to death. He is a vicious, perverted and evil fornicator. He is a cunt
licker. He is a psychopath.  He is rotting the world. He better kills
himself by eating women's shit and drinking women's piss. His house  is
like a filthy brothel. His wife is a fornicating whore. His kids are
vicious devils.. His house is a den  of satanic and dirty fornication. All
hetero shit like him should be eliminated from this world and everyone
will be happy.

Heterosexual people are terrorists. They have always attacked and agressed
people. They have always molested, bullied and criticised others. When the
others criticise them, they threaten them. They want to silence them. They
do not accept  criticism. They claim the right and the freedom to attack
and criticise others but they refuse others this same right to criticise

Heterosexual people terrorize others by violence and repression. They
terrorize people also by passing discriminatory laws against others. This
heterosexual terrorism and dictatorship have been legalised and
institutionnalized. There is something common in heterosexual people,
terrorists and religious extremists and fanatics. Their psychologies are
more or less the same.

Heterosexual people are like dictators and religious fanatics. They do not
accept that people question and criticise them. They are tyrannical.  They
want to make people believe that heterosexuality cannot be questionned,
analyzed, criticised and challenged. This shows that heterosexuals are

Heterosexual people have oppressed others for centuries and if we suggest
making them feel for only a week (or even a day) what they have done to
others, they rant and threaten with violence. This confirms the terrorist
nature and mentality of heterosexual people. They are the source of all
evils in this world. The only  solution is to remove them from the world.
All hetero bandits, hetero pigs, hetero fornicators, hetero perverts,
hetero fanatics and hetero murderers should be condemned to death. The
world will be a better place without those hetero shit.

Heterosexual people are terrorists. They like to resort to violence. They
don't care about children. They just use children as an arm and a shield to
justify and defend their lustful and lascivious heterosexual desires.

All dictators and terrorists are heterosexual.

The talibans who were dictatorial and who tortured women were also

Heterosexuals have always been on the offensive. They have always attacked
others without good arguments. Their attacks are based on lies, violence,
vulgarity and injustice. Gays and other groups of people have always been
on the defensive. This is why heterosexuals have become arrogant and
tyrannical. Gays and other groups of people should strike back more often.
They should counter attack They should be more on the offensive also. In
fact it is heterosexuals who have not respected others. They have oppressed
others. The others have the right to strike back. Heterosexuals have always
acted like terrorists. This is Heterosexual Terrorism. They should be

Heterosexual people are liars and lascivious

Heterosexuals hide themselves behind children. Heterosexuals always use
children as pretext. In the past they had 10 to 20 children. If they had
really wanted all those children, they should continue to have 20 children.
But nowadays contraceptives exist and they have only 1 to 3 children. This
is proof that they place the satisfaction of their desires before
everything. Heterosexuals are uncontrollable. If contraceptives do not
exist, they would still have 20 children, with all the disastrous
consequences for the family, society, the country and nature.

Moreover, all those sexual relationships are not necessary. To have 3
children only about 10 copulations are sufficient. But heterosexual couples
have on average 4000 copulations in their lives. This means that the 3990
relationships are not necessary. They use children to justify them. They
hide themselves behind children.

Artificial Insemination must be popularized. And all the companies
manufacturing contraceptives will be converted into Artificial Insemination
clinics. Then the sexual act will be a thing of the past, just as the
washing machine is replacing more and more washing by hand.

Heterosexuals are uncontrollable (compulsive desire - a mental illness).
They are also egoist, irresponsible, vicious and lascivious. They commit
millions of abortions which are premeditated crimes. They are thus

Artificial Insemination will replace heterosexuality. Heterosexuals
engaging in heterosexuality will be  punished by the law.

Heterosexual people are thieves

Heterosexual people are thieves. Their wealth and comfort are based greatly
on theft, exploitation and  domination. Theft through institutions by
passing discriminatory laws against other groups. Theft also by
exploitation and domination. Most slaves owners were heterosexual. Most
people who exploit others are  heterosexual.

Heterosexuals pay less tax but they profit the most from the welfare sate
and the facilities of society and  its institutions.

Heterosexual people must pay damages for their crimes and theft. Up to now
their crimes have gone unpunished.

Heterosexuals, by their wicked behavior, theft and crimes have caused
heterophobia in the world. Heterophobia  means disgust of heterosexuality,
repulsion for heterosexuality, aversion for heterosexuality.

The perversities of heterosexuals

When the woman becomes a wheelbarrow

The man stands between the legs of the woman and holds her legs with his
hands. The woman has her head down with her hands on the floor. The woman
ressembles a wheelbarrow that the man is going to push. As the woman moves
in front with her hands, the man follows her  and strikes her with his
penis in her hole. Both get excited viciously and perversely. The man
pushes the woman-wheelbarrow. Now and then they stop and the man strikes
the woman more furiously and viciously with his penis in her hole. When the
woman moves with her hands on the floor, the man follows her. When the man
pushes the woman, she moves by making steps with her hands. After being
perversely satisfied, they stop. From time to time they perform this
vicious sexuality.

This is only one example of the perversities of heterosexuals.

---the end