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To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Naomi
Date: January 10, 1999

I've seen your sig for your website on a mailing list that you & I are on.
It caught my interest. So I checked it out. I am a pretty open minded
person and have no problem with someone's sexual orientation. However, your
website is offensive, crude and frankly beyond belief. You insult everyone
who is not gay. I am not gay, never have been, and never will be. So does
that mean I am lower than shit? Hell no, it doesn't. 

I have one daughter and my husband's "seed" as you put it has not been
wasted. So, the queers will inherit Sacramento huh? It just so happens that
is where I live. And God forbid, you come to my town and start spreading
this garbage around. If you are gay, fine, but how dare you insult people
who do not happen to share your views. This is a free country. We are all
entitled to our own beliefs. You need some serious psychiatric help. I was
hoping to find and possibly learn more about gays, why they feel the way
they do, what caused them to feel gay, etc. Instead I find this crap about
if your not gay, your shit.

Totally disgusted with your web page.

---the end