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To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Kim
Date: July 2, 1999

I just surfed in after reading a forum peice you wrote on 4/29/99 via
soc.culture.kashmir, regarding Gay Islam.  I have to say I don't know if I
should pity you or be outraged.  But then I don't know exactly the original
context it was written in someone found it and put in a forum based on your

First i wonder if you truely hate babies and think they should be killed
how can you expect to find compassion for your movement/rights when you are
ready to take an innocent child's right away to breath  I am guessing this
is based on frustration from the hate crimes against the gay community.
But how can you keep your judgement from being clouded when you let the
same hate run through your very own viens in the end it only makes you one
of them?  I also wonder why you assume that the people outside of the gay
community are pushing their way of sexual affairs on you in reality the gay
community is pushing homosexual lifestyle into our lives.

Example my children are my responsiblity if they choose to have sex with
opposite, same, or a dog for that matter that is there choice to make.  But
in California they are trying to push that lifestyle into Kindergarden
classrooms before they are able to mature to an age to make that choice for
themselves that almost feels like brain washing doesn't it? There are so
many teens/adult confused today as it is why is it so important to try and
make it worse.

And how many in the gay community are killing themselves? But anyone not
conducting gay activities is to blame?  It sounds too confusing for me but
at the core of all of it is Hate.  That is what really sucks now let me see
today at the turn of the century we will have racial wars, sex wars, gay
wars, religion wars, it just keeps getting worse hope we get it straight
before Our end comes.  I just hope that if that is how you really feel that
some day you find true inner peace, love, and joy. And killing babies and
fighting the way you come off won't do it.......Good luck to you

and by the way I am not gay hehhe so hate me or love me doesn't matter we
both bleed the same color RED

---the end