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To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Jehovah
Date: August 8, 2003

Heterosexuals are Unnatural and Deceitful.

If heterosexual people care so much about procreation, then they should not
use contraceptives. Contraceptives destroy the process of life creation. If
they consider sex is only for procreation then contraceptives are unnatural
because they nullify the purpose of sex. Therefore heterosexual people
using contraceptives are being unnatural.

Homosexuality like masturbation is natural because their purposes are not
for procreation. Therefore it is natural that they don't produce children.
But the heterosexual act which heterosexual people consider for procreation
is being falsified by contraceptives. As it is heterosexual people who use
contraceptives more, therefore heterosexual people are being unnatural.

Take this example, there is water stored for drinking and water stored for
washing. To use the water stored for washing for cleaning things is not
spoiling water. But to use the water stored for drinking for cleaning is
spoiling water. Homosexuality and masturbation are natural though they
don't produce children because their purposes are not procreation. Take
another example, you are walking in your work and another time you are
walking for sightseeing. The purposes of these walks are different. If
during the period you walk for working you are not productive then you are
not doing your work well but when you walk for sightseeing, even if you are
not productive, this has no importance.

Heterosexual people say that their sexual relationships are for
procreation. Then they are being unnatural when they use contraceptives
because they are preventing the purpose of their sexual relationships.

Heterosexual people destroy deliberately the process of life creation by
using contraceptives. They are being unnatural.

For those who say that marriage is only for procreation then all
heterosexuals who can?t have children should not be allowed to marry and
all heterosexual couples who don't have children or can't have children
should have their marriages abolished.

For those capable of procreation they should stop having sex after they
have obtained the number of children they desire.

---the end