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Haters of Heteros

To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: Haters of Heteros
Date: April 6, 2004

African and islamic countries are homophobic. So when AIDS,
earthquakes, wars and other calamities strike them, don?t help
them. Let them die. Let heteros die because by helping them,
you will help your enemies and your oppressors to oppress you
more. You will save your oppressors and give them the chance
to attack and oppress you more and again. Therefore don't help
them. Let heteros die. 

More than 90% of AIDS cases in the world are heterosexual
ones. Let heteros die of AIDS. Let AIDS remove those hetero
viruses and hetero pests. AIDS, earthquakes and other
calamities are the anti-viruses to eliminate and reduce the
heterosexual viruses and heterosexual pests. Let those hetero
fornicators get destroyed. They would otherwise spread their
filth in the world. 

Let women chain heterosexual men, lead them like animals, whip
them and strike them with their needle heel shoes. Let women
urinate and defecate on heterosexual men. They will like it
because it is in the nature of heterosexual men to live under
women?s cunts. For women?s cunts they will be on their knees
and crawl like an animal. 

Countries and States that oppress gays are terrorist states.
They should be attacked like Afghanistan and Irak. They have
no right to exist in a modern civilized world. The Vatican,
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Malaysia, etc
are terrorist states. They deserve the treatment reserved for
terrorist states. 

Hetero pervert, you are rotting the world. All hetero bandits,
hetero terrorists and hetero fornicators should be nuked. The
world will be better without those hetero shit and hetero

---the end