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Fonzy1959: You Deserve No Mercy

I'm amused that you run a conspiracy site, yet ignore the
greatest conspiracy of all time. Not only do you ignore it;
you participate in it as well!

The greatest conspiracy in history, is persecution of sexual
minorities (homosexuals, transexuals, bisexuals, etc.) down
the many centuries...for society perpetrates this unGodly evil
while denying it ever occurs, and keeping our righteous
outrage and cries of suffering, silenced under the crush of
Satan's boot (who claims to be the one, true, Christ).  

You hate the First Amendment? News flash: you're not
alone. All homophobes do!

You are an abomination...every time you insult gays, the nails 
in Christ's hands and feet just go deeper. Mercy is not yours to


Zeke Krahlin
Gay Visionary Extraordinaire