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People Disgusted by Heterosexuality

To: Final Testament Guestbook
From: People Disgusted by Heterosexuality
Date: May 18, 2003

The New Revelation to Mankind: The Crime of Heterosexuality: Reasons to
hate heterosexuality. We hate heterosexuality because: heterosexuality is
vicious; heterosexuality is criminal; heterosexuality is dirty;
heterosexuality is disgusting; heterosexuality is nauseating;
heterosexuality is repulsive; heterosexuality is bestial; heterosexuality
is sick; heterosexuality is sinful.

We hate heterosexuality because the original sin was committed by two
heterosexuals, Adam and Eve.

Because heterosexuals are rotting society and the world.

We hate heterosexuals because: heterosexuals are thieves; heterosexuals are
liars. Because heterosexuals use children to justify all their vices and
lust. Because heterosexuals commit most crimes. Because heterosexuality is

We hate heterosexuality because: heterosexuality is dirty, disgusting,
vicious, sick , sinful and criminal.

Heterosexuals must pay for what they have done to others for millenia.

Heterosexuality must be declared illegal. Any heterosexual practising
heterosexuality should be condemned to death.

Let's see if heterosexuals become better people or worse.

---the end